COMLAB is today one of the leading full-service providers in the field of radio frequency technology and serves its customers through branch offices and an extensive network of sales partners.

Founding of COMLAB as a partnership.

Further development of COMLAB to the public limited company COMLAB AG.

Portfolio: rf filters

Development of the first Road Tunnel radio system.

Extension of the portfolio.

New: Railway Tunnel and InHouse radio systems

Take-over of the majority of COMLAB shares by TSA Telecom SA.

Company take-over by Haag-Streit International.

Aquisition of TIC sector of Ascom Switzerland AG. Founding of COMLAB branches in Berlin Germany and Beijing China.

Extension of the portfolio.

New: Security Systems

Start digitization of the portfolio.

Extension of the portfolio.

New: InTrain Repeater Systems

First prototypes of the digital repeater series RUD-5 and RUD19-5.

COMLAB wins contract with Deutsche Bahn.

Kontron acquires COMLAB

Key advantages at a glance

  • High degree of technical expertise throughout the entire process
  • Comprehensive, complete solutions from a single source
  • Reliable systems and components with practical demonstration of MTBF values
  • Systems of renowned Swiss quality at attractive prices
    Individual solutions tailored to meet your needs
  • Experienced graduate engineers providing personal attention
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Ultimate troubleshooter

In Switzerland we are and will continue to be leaders in the development and implementation of radio-frequency systems.

On the basis of our comprehesive expertise, we are diversifying into additional fields of radio frequency technology.

We are a totally reliable partner for our customers and enhance the value of their products and services sustainably.

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Facts & Figures

COMLAB in numbers

– 90 employees in Switzerland
– 120 employees in China
– 5 employees in Germany
– More than 6500 km of rail tunnels equipped worldwide
– More than 800 km of road tunnels equipped worldwide
– More than 150 inhouse projects completed worldwide

A complete product portfolio:

– Channel- and band selective repeaters
– Fiber-optic converters
– Radio cables and antennas
– Base stations and remote devices
– Monitoring software
– Security systems and remote power supplies

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Expertise on a higher wavelength

COMLAB focuses exclusively on radio frequency technology. All process phases, including planning, development and production, take place in-house. Well-trained and experienced engineers advise our customers, plan systems, develop new components and guarantee innovative engineering. We find an optimal, comprehensive solution for every conceivable task.

Our products are manufactured in line with strict quality standards in state-of-the-art COMLAB production facilities. Qualified radio-frequency technicians assemble and implement the systems at customer sites.

COMLAB ensures ongoing support and maintenance. The entire life cycle of a COMLAB system is guaranteed by us and only us.

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Reliable systems

COMLAB systems are well-known for their long service life and their durability in hard, professional use. Hardware and software conform to all current standards and embody the highest level of Swiss quality. The systems provide maximal transmission quality and signal purity. In addition, a warranty and a parts-delivery guarantee good for 10 years secure the customer’s investment.

COMLAB’s systems have excellent values for mean time between failures (MTBF) that have been proven in practice. The optimized quality of COMLAB products and systems ensures low failure rates and low life-cycle costs.

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