Zurich's cross city-line

Altstetten - Zürich Main Station, HB-Oerlikon

Zurich's new cross-city line is one of the most important elements of the Swiss rail system. The 9.6-km line links the Altstetten and Oerikon stations via the underground Löwenstrasse platforms at Zurich's main station. They lie 16 meters unter the main station's existing tracks.

COMLAB equipped the underground Löwenstrasse platform tracks, the double-track Weinberg tunnel to Oerlikon and a parallel escape tunnel with a tunnel radio system.

In the entire tunnel area, the radio system ensures mobile communicatioin and fulfillment of the high requirements for operational safety.

COMLAB has many years of experience in communication technology. This has allowed us to guarantee the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) complete radio coverage for GSM 900/1800, UMTS and LTE 1800 mobile services. We also ensure reliable coverage for GSM-R, which allows train protection, communication of interlocking systems and supervision of train operations.


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