Sales Cooperation

Partnership between COMLAB Germany GmbH and RADIODATA GmbH

The companies Comlab Deutschland GmbH and RADIODATA GmbH have signed an agreement to intensively market communication-system components for large buildings and other complexes. Their collaboration covers projects in all of Germany.

Comlab develops and manufactures innovative high-frequency components of Swiss quality such as repeaters in the 4-meter, 2-meter and 70-cm bands and components for HF signal distribution using fiber optics within large building sites.

As a Berlin-based system provider and experienced manufacturer of communications systems, RADIODATA integrates these components within the complex communication systems needed for the lighting of major sites such as large buildings, trade-fair centers, hospitals and industrial plants.

RADIODATA has a network of qualified specialist sales points throughout Germany.

The two partners’ cooperation gives them a portfolio of solutions for communication in building complexes with numerous unique selling propositions and thus outstanding market appeal.


COMLAB Deutschland GmbH
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Fax +49 30 755 45 26 71

COMLAB (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Ground Floor | Tower B | Zhongchu Building N023
ShijingshanLu | Shijingshan District Beijing 100049 | P.R. China
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Fax +86 (0) 10 6886 0561
Hotline/Support 4006-50-8108

Symmetra Sp. z o.o.

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